Admissions Information

St Albans Girls’ School is a single sex comprehensive school in St Albans for girls aged 11-18. The sixth form is co-educational. We are a high achieving specialist Business and Enterprise Academy, specialising in educating girls. Girls are admitted at the age of 11+ without reference to ability or aptitude using the criteria below. The main principle of admission to STAGS is to maintain the integrity of the character of the school providing a superb breadth of learning opportunities for young people in the community of St Albans. Applications are welcome from parents whose children are likely to make a full and committed contribution to the life of the school, and to benefit from the extensive additional facilities and opportunities.
The published admission number (PAN) for Year 7 for September 2018 will be 210

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2017/2018 

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2018/2019

Determined Admission Arrangements for 2019/2020

Admissions Booklet 2018/2019

Appeals Timetable 2018

Allocation Day – 1 March 2018 – What Happens Next?


In Year Admissions

Parents who move into the area during the year and wish to apply for a place should contact ‘Admissions’ at County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertfordshire 0300 1234043.


In Year Appeals

Appeals resulting from in year admission applications will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged


Post 16 Admissions

6th Form Admissions Information