Business and Enterprise

IHAwards 2015  Schools  FINALIST (2)One lever in developing Business and Enterprise learning is the House System. This has provided a focal point for extra curricular enterprise activities in the school and has helped foster a more meaningful community spirit. Skills such as creativity, risk taking, risk management, can-do attitude and the drive to make ideas happen are practised by students in all year groups with the Sixth Form providing leadership and inspiration. The ideas chosen and agreed by the school’s house officials are not necessarily conventional school events but are events that encourage participation from all departments and all year groups. Each year we put on a house music competition, a house Christmas Fair extravaganza and a house challenge day all utilising enterprise skills and the enterprise process.

To enrich the learning and skill development of our students they are provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of enterprise learning opportunities including:

All Years: Christmas Fair

In December each year the School’s PTA hosts a Christmas fair that provides students with the chance to run their own house charity stalls for the day.  Previous activities have included bake sales, games such as lucky dips and various craft stalls.

All Years: Charity Stalls

Throughout the school year each House is provided with a series of weeks to focus their fundraising.  During that week, with the support of their form tutor and sixth form prefects the students can run their own stall in the main foyer of the school.  Popular activities include book sales, raffles, friendship bags, gifts for Christmas/valentines/mother’s day, and photo booths.

Year 7: Tenner Challenge

In the Spring Term Year 7s have the chance to apply to be a part of the Young Enterprise Tenner project.  This project provides students with the chance to run their own mini business for one month with the start-up loan of £10.  Throughout the project they also have the opportunity to apply to a variety of Young Enterprise competitions from best company logo to best trade stall.  All money raised is donated to their house charities.

Year 8: Tycoon in Schools

With the support of the Peter Jones Enterprise Foundation Year 8s can participate in Tycoon in Schools in the autumn term.  To participate in this students need to work as a team to create a business plan and apply to the Peter Jones Foundation for a Tycoon in Schools Loan.  This start up loan can then be used to create their own mini business from October-December. Previous groups that have taken part in this project have created their own tie-dye bags, run a photo booth, and sold Christmas gift packs.  All profits are then donated to the charity of their choice.

Year 9: First Give

As part of the PSHCE Year 9 curriculum, students have the chance to become advocates for a local charity or cause.  This allows them the chance to learn about local social issues and what can be done to reduce the impact of these on our local community. The team that advocates strongest for their cause wins £1,500 grant money that they can then put into action.

Years 8-11 The Rotary Interact Club of St Albans

In Year 10 students can become student members of the Rotary Club through the Interact Club.  This club has the aims of working towards one local and one international charity project.  The projects that the group are currently supporting local and international charities.

Year 12: Dragons’ Den

Two teams of Year 12s take part in the annual Dragons’ Den Competition.  The purpose of this is to work with a local business mentor to raise £1000 for a local good cause.  The teams of students have used this opportunity to lead a variety of events from the Sixth Form Social, Year 7 Disco, Pizza and Movie Evening, Bollywood night as well as selling refreshments during the Christmas performances.

Year 12: Young Enterprise Company Programme

Each year one team of students (up to 20 students) take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme.  This is an internationally recognised opportunity that provides young people with the real experience of running their own business for one school year.  The group work closely with an external business adviser as well as a link adviser from Young Enterprise throughout the year.  Groups also have the chance to participate in local trade fairs to promote their company and sell their products.  Part way through the year, each company writes up a report on their progress and competes within the Area Final.  The key element of this project is to help students to identify what they have learnt and which enterprise skills they have developed.