Bowled Over with Excitement



This year, some Year 8’s got the opportunity to take part in the ‘Upstanders Leadership Programme’ led by Miss Kalmanson throughout a twelve week schedule. Through this programme students could express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings on key issues prevalent in society today. Each week we had a different topic and discussed it with one another, for instance; ‘Your Body and You’ or ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. This involved discussions and the chance to creatively reflect upon our thoughts and actions in our own scrapbooks.

“I feel that Upstanders has helped me a lot and has made me believe in myself more. It has also made me feel like I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.” – Lily May Crosby, 8A.

As a reward for successfully completing the course we all were invited to go on a Celebration Bowling Trip. From the moment we were on the minibus we were all excited and involved. After arriving, we got into our groups, our names up on the screens along seven neighbouring lanes and played unlimited bowling for an hour. We were all buzzing with energy and competitiveness! Lunch was also brought to our lanes with our choice of food which we pre-ordered; whether a burger, hot dog or nuggets all served with fries or a pasta bowl, it was a fun filled meal.

Everyone was keen to raise their bowling game and get a high score, aiming for a strike. “On the final go, before the next game, I finished with a total of 113. With Miss Kalmanson beating me at the last moment with a score of 131!” – Isabelle Sears, 8F.
Overall, it was a great experience to all of us. Thank you to all the staff involved.

Written by Lily May Crosby, 8A and Isabelle Sears, 8F