Choral Workshop with Nick Shaw


“The choral workshop was a fantastic experience. I was looking forward to it and it was brilliant. We started off by learning different techniques to do when we are singing. Then we were taught some rounds. There was one about Chicago and one in Swahili. They were very memorable and I was singing them all the way home! Later he helped us on one of the tricky songs we are doing in choir – Matilda. There were many strange and difficult harmonies that we just couldn’t get right. By the end of the time we had cracked it and everyone went back to their lessons with a smile on their face, secretly humming the tune in their head.

I had a really great time and I would like to do it again.”

Chloe Harrison, 7F

“On Tuesday 21 March, the Junior and Senior Choirs participated in an informative choral workshop run by Mr Nick Shaw. It was a great opportunity to improve not only the clarity of our singing, but it also enabled us to begin performing the pieces with the appropriate emotions. Mr Shaw created a very relaxed atmosphere. He encouraged us to sing in a circle, helping us focus on our own sound quality and that of the singers opposite and beside us.

The Senior Choir began by singing a short theme by Thomas Tallis in unison in a round. Something we really enjoyed. We proceeded to work on our concert piece – Eternal flame by the Bangles – and split into our usual three section: alto, soprano 1 and soprano 2. Mr Shaw gave each section a helpful explanation of our role in the arrangement and, with some giggles, managed to coax us into making a more balanced and exciting sound. One which you can hear on Tuesday 4 April in our Spring Concert.”

Tonya Alban, 12J