Eco Council on Energy Saving Mission!

ecoEco Council have been busy this term working on projects to help the school become more mindful of energy use. Mrs Nottage and Miss O’Sullivan who co-lead the group are participating in a ‘Less C02’ programme of workshops with 15 local schools run by Ashden with the aim of reducing energy use. Action points are being carried out by Eco Reps and our new KS5 Green Leaders with the aim of seeing some differences when energy data is reviewed next year.
During ‘Switch Off fortnight’; Eco-Reps ran a stall in the main foyer with information and activities for students to engage with on energy use. Pledges were also made by individual students and forms about how they can reduce our energy use as a school.
“The Eco-Council stall was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of Switch-off Fortnight and of what everyone in the school community can do to help save energy. By collecting pledges we helped spread awareness of environmental issues and what needs to be done to help make our lives sustainable now and in the future.”
Helen Jenkins, KS5 Green Leader
We also launched a competition for students to design stickers to go next to light switches and computer monitors around school to encourage both staff and students to switch them off when they are not in use. Thank you to all students who entered and congratulations to Magda Belcheva, 9H; Penelope Duffett, 7F and Polina Larkin, 7H for your winning designs – look out for them around the school!
Mrs Nottage, Co-leader Eco Council