Eco Reps Make a Difference in Local Forest

eco2In November, three Year 7 Eco-Council representatives accompanied by Mrs Hewit were invited by ‘The School Planner Company’ to participate in a day of planting deciduous trees in local Heartwood Forest as part of the Woodland Carbon Capture Scheme run through The Woodland Trust.
They summarise their experiences;
“It was so fun and I enjoyed every minute!”
Maddison Fowler–Lyons, 7H
“It was an honour to be chosen as I love to help the environment. I enjoyed it because it was a chance for me to make a difference and I liked getting involved and learning all about nature. I also got to meet Julia Bradbury who signed my book for my nan!”
Abbi Tomkins, 7S
“I love being part of Eco-Council! We spent a long and tiring day planting trees around Heartwood Forest to replace all of the trees used for paper in the process of making our school planners. It was fascinating and interesting to see how many trees were used, and when everyone worked together it was amazing seeing how many trees got planted!
We enjoyed planting all different types of trees such as Cherry Blossoms and Oak. This was a very enjoyable experience for all of us and I really hope and recommend that other people go and give tree planting a try.”
Emma Lorman, 7F