Fairtrade Fortnight Comes to STAGS


Eco Council raised awareness of our individual connections with farmers and workers in less developed countries and the concept of fairer trade through a number of activities held across the school during Fairtrade Fortnight leading to STAGS being certified as a FairAware School by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Student representatives from Eco Council in Year 10 did a fantastic job over the two weeks of selling Fairtrade biscuits, Divine chocolate, Geobars and gifts such as sparkly button pens and mirrors. Their enthusiasm and responsibility of the stall meant that they raised £90 which will be split between Action Aid and invested in future Eco Council projects. Well done and huge thanks to India Muschamp 10J, Ellice Jeanes 10J, Emily Bonfield 10S, Emily Zaman 10H, Hannah Martin 10H and Ella-Ann Ovenden 10J.

All students at Key Stage 3 were asked in their Geography lessons to consider whether the idea of Fairtrade is a positive way of helping farmers get a fairer deal. They discussed the way Fairtrade works and the challenges faced not only by the farmers themselves through a game of ‘breaks and ladders’ but of Fairtrade as a tool for development. The students really engaged with these activities and were asked to choose a few words that they felt best summarised what Fairtrade is. Many chose ‘making life fairer’ and ‘human rights’ showing their compassion with others, something our STAGS students do so well.



In addition, Form Tutors in Key Stages 4 and 5 were provided with a form time activity which aimed to facilitate further discussion on Fairtrade and GeoExplorers club showed and discussed a documentary called ‘Fairtrade matters’ during a lunchtime. Not to be left out, coffee lovers within the staff were treated to Fairtrade coffee kindly supplied by Starbucks which raised a wonderful £32 for Action Aid through voluntary donations.

Having worked hard on raising awareness and connections with others around the world, the next projects by the Eco Council are going to be focused a little closer to home, particularly looking after our school a little more through a ‘Keep STAGS Tidy’ campaign which we hope students will be equally engaged in.

Mrs Nottage
Eco Council Co-leader