Former Head of Government Relations to Tony Blair visits STAGS


On 26 January STAGS welcomed Anji Hunter, a former Head of Government Relations to Prime Minister Tony Blair, who came to deliver a fascinating talk. She inspired the Year 12 students by focusing on the many facets of her impressive career as a skilful message carrier. She recalled how she met Tony Blair at a dance when she was 14 and how she became the conduit between him and a girl he liked at her school. She kept in touch with him and after achieving a first in History, she worked for him as a Research Assistant when he became a newly elected Labour MP. In 1997 she could not believe she was walking alongside him as he entered 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister.

Since leaving HM Government Anji has held many prestigious positions as a prime communicator in many top companies including BP and Anglo American. She offered the students the very best career tips available and gave them the benefit of her phenomenal experience. Above all, Anji encouraged the Year 12 students to consider entering professions that are still heavily male dominated. Her expert parting advice on careers was, “Aim high, remain confident, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and if you do make a mistake, simply refocus and remake yourself!”

Mrs Johnson Smith, PR & Marketing Co-ordinator