Get Fit Week


Last week saw the return of Get Fit Week, and what a week it proved to be. I was lucky enough to successfully apply for funding through CAMHS as part of their Feeling Good Week to help make 2017 the biggest and best yet.

Over 200 students across the year groups took part in one or more of the twelve activities that were on offer. Most activities were oversubscribed but all students who expressed an interest were allocated a place.

We even got the Year 12s involved in a special body combat session just for them. Here’s what Macy in 12H thought:

“The body combat class was a very fun and different experience that made an exciting change. I would really enjoy doing it again.”
My personal highlight of the week had to be the spectacle that was Clubbercise. The Sports Hall was transformed into a huge disco with over 100 students decorated with facepaints and glowsticks exercising to music – brilliant!

Here’s what the students thought of the week:

“I enjoyed the fencing session very much. It was fun to learn new techniques and I would now, thanks to this session, strongly consider doing fencing again or joining a fencing club.”
Amber 10J

“I found fencing very fun. It was very hot in the suits, but the instructor was very informative and it was very easy to pick up. Overall I had a blast!”
Isabelle 10J

“The circuits that we did was a really fun and enjoyable experience.”
Emma 8B

“The different sets we did were great and the session had good structure. I loved the range of different exercises.”
Freya 8B

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ballet class; so much that I am starting the teenage beginners’ class.”
Jone 9B

“Trampolining was an amazing experience – I loved it!”
Antonia 7A


My thanks goes to all of the wonderful instructors who have helped inspire and enthuse the students. STAGS hosts Cheerleading and Fencing classes throughout the week so please get in contact if you would like any information.

Mrs Warner, PE Teacher