Lepra Thank STAGS for Staggering Donation of £3,506.63


On Wednesday 25 January STAGS welcomed Jo Myerscough from the Lepra organisation who came to personally thank all Year 7 students for the staggering amount of money they raised during their Zumba workouts in November last year. She confirmed the overall final total had reached an astonishing £3,506.63!

A special award was presented to super athletic student Antonia Jubb for being the number one top fund-raiser in Year 7. Individually she came up with the idea to do something both amazing and sporty to raise money for Lepra. Under the supervision of her father (who cycled alongside her) Antonia completed a non- stop 31 miles (55 Km) sponsored cycle ride from St Albans to Windsor castle! She set up a ‘just giving page’ and was astounded by the incredible generosity of friends and family who together helped her raise £260. Antonia said, “It took 3 hours, without stopping, so it was quite full on and although I was tired by the end of it , I felt really proud that I did it.” Whilst continuing to beam with pride she smiled and made one final comment, “When we got to Windsor I was pleased to see my mum waiting in the car park to drive us back to St Albans with our bikes!”

After Jo Myerscough announced the total in assembly, Year 7 DOL Miss Rose reflected on the outcome by saying, “This is a fabulous result Year 7, we are so very proud of your fundraising achievements! Together with your families you have made a real positive difference for those people who suffer with lepra.”
Many thanks to everyone who supported this annual event and to the zumba instructors who ensured all the girls had huge fun whilst raising funds for Lepra!

Mrs Johnson Smith, PR & Marketing Co-ordinator