MP Anne Main Encourages Students to Engage and Explore Politics for UK Parliament Week

Anne mainOn Friday 17th November Conservative MP Anne Main came to visit STAGS as part of the UK Parliament Week Campaign. She talked to students across all years about managing the responsibilities of being an MP and answered questions on the benefits of engaging in Politics.

Year 12 politics student and former MYP candidate, Lilian Ahmed asked Anne ‘What it was like to be a woman working in Parliament at the present time’? Anne explained that there was now more women in Parliament than when she was first elected in 2005 and she stressed the need to have more women in Government, especially at local level. This was a particularly appropriate response as on the day of the visit it was announced that for the first time in 669 years of Parliamentary history, the first female, Sarah Clarke, been appointed by the Queen to take up the role of Black Rod in the House of Commons. She will take up her post ear-ly next year and will be formally known as Lady Usher of the Black Rod.
Many thanks to Mrs Tolley, Curriculum Leader for Politics, for arranging such an informative visit.

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