Philosophy and Film Club Feature Two Hollywood Portrayals of the Holocaust

BoyinstripesThroughout January, students in Philosophy and Film Club have watched films relating to the the Holocaust and genocides.

KS3 – ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ helps us to reflect on how damaging society can be if the wrong people are in power. There was no hope for Schmuel or any of the other Jews within the concentration camp. However, today, we can use our words for hope. We can reflect on these events and hope that if we can continue to remember then eventually these atrocities will stop.”

Jasmine Marsh and Ryen Gorgulu Canning, 8J

KS4 – Schindler’s list, a five star movie I would recommend to anyone who want to be educated on the reality of the Holocaust. Spielberg communicates the horrors, of WWII on such a personal level, and the message it has will stick with you forever. Liam Neeson’s portrayal of Oskar Schindler was extraordinary, and his character showed how people can change their ways for the better. Oskars selflessness and the lengths he went to to help save people he did not even know, from the horrors of the Nazis was groundbreaking. I loved how it was in back and white, as the girl in the red coat showed how much a victim truly went through, and the significance of every life and death.




Mia Thomas, 10F