Philosophy and Film Club Review – Zootropolis

‘’Zootropolis’ is a great Disney film capturing the adventure of Officer Judy Hopps with local law-breaker Nick Wilde trying to solve a case about missing mammals that has not been solved in weeks. I believe

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it is a really inspirational film about those who do not stop their dreams because of what others say. The fact that ‘prey’ and ‘predator’ live in harmony, yet there is still fear amongst them, highlights the importance of the case and how the two animals solved it.’

By Scarlett Burgess 8J

‘We have just finished watching Zootropolis in Philosophy and Film Club. A movie all about changing the world; where prey and predator live in harmony and the lead character, a bunny, is determined to make it as a top cop despite all the odds. This movie’s main moral is how anybody small or big can make a difference you just have to believe it to achieve it. In addition, the movie focuses on the dangers of stereotypes. I think Zootropolis breaks that expectation and is an inspirational film for all ages. One of the highlights of my week at School is on Tuesday lunchtime with Philosophy and Film Club and I can’t wait to watch the next movie.’
By Safira Gilbert 8J

Philosophy and Film Club takes place every Tuesday Lunchtime in Rooms 33 and 35 for all Key Stages. The films being shown this week are:
KS3: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
KS4-5: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
For more information please see Miss Brock or the Philosophy and Film Club Year 12 REP Prefects Nicola Clarke, Sonali Peiris and Olivia Sharp.filmclub slumdogfilmclub wonderland