Science Students Inspired By Marvellous ‘Chemistry in Action Experience’

science inspirationOn Monday 6th November, 28 STAGS chemistry enthusiasts from Year 12 and 13 visited a Chemistry in Action day held at The Friends’ House, Euston, London. Over 800 students enjoyed a day packed full of new scientific information. Year 12 student Tehmina Sepai, gives us her account of the day:
Throughout the day, the talks covered subjects ranging from the effects of deadly cosmetic fashions of men and women in history (before the element lead was discovered to be toxic) to the chemistry of quantum mechanics! We explored breakthroughs in medicine, finding cures for genetic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and took part in beguiling interactive online games, such as a ‘Kahoot!’ quiz. We were also delighted to be given the opportunity to soak up useful tips in a session on how to answer A Level exam questions successfully.
Towards the end, the speaker asked for six volunteers from the audience, of which I was one. We were told to form a benzene ring, which contains six atoms of carbon in a hexagonal shape. We then demonstrated the heating effect on bonds in such a structure by sharing Christmas crackers with our neighbours and shaking the ‘bonds’ between us. This showed that heating bonds finally causes an explosion!
Overall, the trip was wonderful, and we would all love to repeat the experience! Many thanks to Mrs Reason for organising it. Chemistry is truly a marvellous science; I would highly recommend studying it as it opens doors to the unfathomable!
Tehmina Sepai, 12.1