Sharing the Power of Words: Assembly Refelections


“I think the key message from the assembly was about recognising the past and changing society’s mind-set today to stop hatred at this level from occuring again. I also think that ‘The Power of Words’ is associated with everyone coming together, speaking out and fighting as a whole for our rights and for others. Words can have a greater impact than physical actions. Words are crucial, it could change yourself or someone else”
Nadia Jaufarally, 9S


“The main message I have taken away is the fact that words are more powerful than guns, for example: the Nazi’s propaganda, this was able to dehumanise human beings just for being different. The words cut a scar on all of those people. A scar that may never be healed. Also, it is sad that even after all that they have gone through some of us still have not learnt to treasure differences, and to not treat others like dirt.”

Caoimhe Peatross, 7F