STAGS Athletes Achieve Great Results in SSAA Road Relay Championships

STAGS Athletics

On Saturday 30th September STAGS athletes took part in the SEAA (South East Athletic Association) road relay championships held at Crystal Palace park in London. Year 8 student Antonia Jubb was running alongside team mates Lily Tse and Mia Pullen in the U13, 3 Km race. Together, they ran fantastically well and the super athletic trio went on to win first place in the U13. STAGS Year 8 student Sara Laitner also ran in the U13 B Team and finished 37th.

In the U17 age group Year 11 student Kiera Stern and STAGS alumni Jess Laitner finished in 16th place. In this race, there was a B Team in which Year 11 pupils Aysha, Emily Barnes and Stags Alumni Freya Weddell (Yr 12) continued to run with great determination.

This Saturday 7th September, Antonia Jubb will be taking part in the 3.8 KM National road relay race which takes place in Birmingham. We wish her every success.