STAGS Choirs Celebrate the 35th Anniversary for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

stags choirsLast Wednesday evening, STAGS Chamber Choir, Senior Choir and Cantabile Choir, all had the privilege to participate in the 35th Anniversary of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Service, which involved singing in the Abbey. It was a beautiful service, which included sev-eral people talking about their experiences, as well as a Hearing Dogs demonstration! The audience was largely made up of deaf/people with some level of hearing loss, many of whom were accompanied by their own Hearing Dogs. Each of the STAGS choirs sung extremely well, and Heathlands choir signed along to our songs. Working with Heathlands was an especially heart-warming experience, and many of us felt as though we got to know the Heathlands students through the preparation process.

It was a very unique and special service, which we were all very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of. Not only did it allow us to develop our understanding of the issues faced with those suffering from hearing loss, but it demonstrated the importance of hearing dogs and the significant role they play in bringing joy and company to someone’s life.


Alice Drury, Year 10F