STAGS Christian Union Celebrates Easter


Last week, as part of our Easter events, the Reverend Glen Scrivener visited STAGS on Wednesday 29 March and Thursday 30 March to speak to students about why Easter is so important for Christians. Lunchtime meetings were held in the Dance Studio, and outside in the sunshine!

In addition, Glen visited the Year 7 assembly and a Year 10 REP lesson where he talked about the link between Passover and Easter, exploring why Jesus is known as the ‘Lamb of God’. Many students asked challenging questions which Glen answered from the Bible. He also handed out copies of his book, ‘Love Story’ which explores the debates between CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien regarding myth and reality.

On behalf of all members of the STAGS Christian Union, we wish everyone in the STAGS community a very Happy Easter Holiday.

Mrs Buckley