STAGS Oxfam Youth Ambassadors Highlight The Pay Gap for Women in the UK


STAGS are very proud to currently be running a successful youth ambassador group in conjunction with Oxfam. A total of nine Year 10 and 11 students are working hard towards achieving their youth ambassador’s badge by the end of July. Over the course of the academic year the students are required to run a total of three global campaigns, one per term and each one must be about a different country.

Year 11 student Jourdan Garande explains:

“Our group was formed last September with the help of teacher Mrs Tolley following an assembly given by Mrs Chapman. After discussions the group chose to create raise awareness campaigns about issues that specifically affect women around the world. Our group gives us a voice and a platform from which to speak and we think that by working together we can do more and have a bigger impact. Our current campaign is to raise awareness of the unfair pay gap between men and women. We were all shocked to learn that in the UK women are paid 19.1% less than men for doing the same job and we wanted to highlight this problem.”

Over the last month the group has been meeting up after school to design an eye-catching 3D display that illustrates the pay gap between men and women. They produced an innovative transparent ceiling made out of Perspex with shards of broken DVD discs. This was created to shock and communicate the need to smash through the glass ceiling that exists for women’s pay in the UK. Located in the middle of the large display is a cardboard ladder which was built to represent the career ladder which leads up to the ceiling. In addition two moving mobiles, suspended from the Perspex ceiling shines a light on the careers of 12 famous women from around the globe.

Year 11 student and Oxfam ambassador Sonali Peiris said, “We are in a girls school and we know this is something we will all face when we leave school. That is why it is really good to speak out about it now.”

Next term the Oxfam Youth Ambassadors group at STAGS plan to focus their follow up campaign on the subject of Yemen women, their rights and their community. Many thanks go to Mrs Tolley, Government and Politics Curriculum Leader for all her continuing support in helping the group to succeed as Oxfam Youth Ambassadors.

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Jourdan Garande & Sonali Peiris, Year 11