STAGS Rotary Interact Club Raises £300 for Red Rubber Ball Charity


On 26 April STAGS welcomed Neil Kirby from The Red Rubber Ball Charity. He came to give a very inspiring talk about the aims of the charity and to thank members of the STAGS Rotary Interact Club for their generous donation of £300. STAGS community managed to raise this amazing amount by arranging a Year 7 STAGS Disco during the last Autumn Term. Mr Kirby explained that the donated funds would be used to pay school fees for orphan Phelix Oluoch Oloo this year.

Neil’s involvement with hungry orphan children in Kenya began by him purchasing a field and establishing a farming community so that these children could be fed. Then he was introduced to John, whose father had died and the family were unable to continue paying his school fees, and so began the setting up of this charity to provide school fees for poor/slum dwelling children. 145 children have been, or are being educated by The Red Rubber Ball Foundation who act as a conduit for money from sponsoring people/organisations direct to the schools. 100% of donated monies, child sponsorship, go to the schools. Neil personally raises money to meet admin costs.

There are many other successful stories about children/young adults in Kenya, who initially have no chance in life, but with the help of The Red Rubber Ball Foundation, are able to improve themselves and help others.

Please visit their inspiring website to find out more details:

Lavinia Hale
Youth Mentor for St Albans Rotary Club