STAGS Student wins South Herts & West Middlesex Show Jumping Competition

Show JumpingOn Tuesday 13 February 2018, Fran Fletcher in Form 9C, entered the South Herts and West Middlesex Show Jumping competition. Here is a summary of her story: ‘I entered the 90cm and 100cm jumps which consisted of 13 jumps over the course. This included jumping between Oxers and jumping over water trays. There were 20 other teams competing in this category and each team had 3 or 4 competitors, totalling 80 riders. I won and came first in the 90cm show jumping competition and qualified as an individual. I was also part of a team which consisted of 3 jumpers but the other two members did not go clear, so the team couldn’t qualify. I have been asked to compete with my horse Bumble, in arena competitions, which is an amazing opportunity for me.’

Fran Fletcher 9C