STAGS Tennis Team Win Division Two Regional Tennis Competition

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On Tuesday 26th September STAGS tennis team became overall winners of the Division 2 Regional Tennis Competition at the Redbridge Leisure Centre. The talented team made up four players Avani Johal Yr9, Jasmine Price Yr9, Ciara Soulby Yr8 and Freya Martin Yr9. Athletic student Freya Martin in Year 9 gives us her account of the exciting day:

In the semi finals we all had to play a singles and then a doubles match. Going into my singles I felt a bit nervous but mostly excited! Everybody in the STAGS team won their singles matches and we won one of our doubles which meant that had got through to the finals! We were all thrilled but also quite tired. There was little time to rest because after a break it was straight into the finals.

The finals started with all the singles matches followed by our doubles. It was a tough afternoon but we managed to win all our games. This meant we became overall winners of the Division! Our prizes were ‘Babolat’ tennis kit bags. It was a fantastic and memorable day!

A really fantastic result, congratulations ladies!

Freya Martin, Year 9