STAGS Year 7 Language Students Receive Letters from New Spanish Pen Pals


Last week, STAGS Year 7 Language students received letters from their Spanish pen pals. The boys and girls who wrote to our students are 11 year olds who live in Valladolid, a historical town close to Madrid. These students attend the Catholic School “Jesus y María”, one of the most prestigious schools in the town, where they learn English from the age of 6. Year 7 STAGS student Isabella Hammond explains how she felt about receiving a letter:

“When I opened my Spanish pen pal letter I felt a wave of joy rushing over me! I had been waiting for this letter for a long time and it was finally here! It was really interesting to find out about my pen pal who is called Marta. We had more in common than I expected, and her English was quite a bit better than my Spanish! It made me want to pick up a pen and write back to her straight away to answer her questions about my life. I hope we will stay in touch for a long time.”

STAGS student Thabia Chowdhury in 7A also gives us her personal response:

“On Wednesday 8 March, I felt very excited due to the arrival of a letter I received from my Spanish Pen pal. We sent our letters a while ago, and the reply really did make my heart buzz with exhilaration! Just opening the envelope made my hands shake and my mind was in a million different places! My pen pal – Beatriz Blanco – seemed very nice, although we are quite opposite to each other.”

Writing to her – and getting a response – is definitely a learning experience, not just for me, but for everybody who wrote and received a letter. We learn more about culture in Spain, and we discover differences (and similarities) between our lifestyle and theirs. She told me that Spain is a wonderful place. Reading about her country makes me want to visit – I think, now hearing all the great things about this foreign country, I might visit, if I could!”
Many thanks to Spanish Teacher Miss Gil for arranging this wonderful opportunity to encourage Year 7 students to write to a pen pal in Spain. We hope they all continue to enjoy writing to each other and to have fun in doing so!

Thabia Chowdhury & Isabella Hammond , Year 7

Miss Gil, Spanish Teacher