STAGS Year 7 Take up the Big Schools Bird Watch Challenge

gThis Saturday and Sunday Year 7 STAGS students will be taking part in the RSPB Big School Bird Watch which has been running since mid January and ends on 17th February 2017. This Nation wide survey encourages young people to engage with observing wild birds in their local area.

STAGS students will be collecting data on the different types of birds they see in their garden and how many come into their garden within an hour as part of their Biology home learning.
The data will then be applied in Maths lessons. The numerical information will be analysed and used to create colourful pie charts, line graphs and bar charts. In addition to this, the experience of looking at birds in action will be used to inspire poems in students English lessons. There will be prizes in March for those students who produce the most innovative work inspired by our feathered friends.

Thank you advance to all those parents and carers who will be supporting Year 7 students to participate in the big bird watch challenge. We look forward to seeing some of the creative results later on after half term.

For more information follow this link:

Mr Blades, Science Teacher