STAGS Year 9 Students Win Computer Science Award at Amazon Web Services Summit

On Wednesday 28th June Year 9 students attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit at ExCel in London. Year 9 Students Chelsea Stitson and Rosanna Milner give their account of the visit:

The day started off with a key note speech to over 4,000 delegates by Werner Vogels, CTO of During the speech representatives of partner companies including Deliveroo, Ocado, BP and DVLA joined Werner to explain how AWS supported them and allowed their online business to succeed and develop. Next up there was a brief tour of exhibition given by our AWS guide Tonie. We met representatives from Intel, spoke in more depth with the Deliveroo team and got to speak to Amazon Start Up team members. This also included the man who helped to launch Uber in the UK!

9Our group listening to a talk from Splunk. A company who monitor, analyse and provide visualisation for data.

After lunch, we had an hour long session using Raspberry Pi computers. The company Pi-Top taught us to programme our own reaction game, the aim being to get the computer to identify who had pressed their buzzer the quickest after a LED light had switched off. Most of us picked up the programming quickly and after playing the game for a bit began to try and improve it further.

10Hannah Farooq and Charlotte Bottomley programming the Raspberry Pi computers. We were given a breadboard, resistors, buttons and LED lights in order to make our reaction speed game. The Raspberry Pi was housed in the Pi-Top CEED.

In our opinion, the most fun part of the day was the competition that challenged us to come up with an innovative computer science idea to help school classrooms in the future. Eight of our students were in a team together and came up with an idea to develop multimedia video further by linking the sense of smell to a video eg. The smell of grass when watching a clip about the countryside. However Lottie Peterkin and both of us were in a team with Henry and Rebecca, 2 Year 11 students from Claremont High School, Harrow

11Morgane Lecompte and Charlotte Bottomley presenting their ideas for improving schools.

Our team came up with the app ‘NoteLex’. Our idea was to have students and teachers lesson notes recorded into an app (using the voice recognition AWS called Lex). This would mean that students had all the lesson content for their classes even if they missed a lesson. The app would make a test out of the recorded information. The results of each test would identify areas the students found difficult and would test them on it again when they did their next test.

In addition, the results of the tests would also be shared with their teachers to help them identify pupil’s strengths and weaknesses. To develop the app further, artificial Intelligence could be used to identify and deliver the next stage of learning based on what other students had gone on to study. This could mean that the student could get a little ahead of the class independently. Our team came 3rd overall and we each received a £20 Amazon gift voucher. As all the other students were in Year 11 and above we were very proud to have won third place. All students that attended got a hoodie to commemorate the day.

Many thanks to Mrs Pennock for driving us to London and for helping us throughout the day. Also to Ms Pendlebury-Green for taking us there and supervising us throughout the day.

Written by Chelsea Stitson and Rosanna Milner, 9B