STAGS ‘Young Writers’ Work Set for Publication in ‘Winter to Wonderland’ Book


It is with great delight that we can announce that students: Siena Donnez-Barnard, Caitlyn Butcher, Amber Clifton, Isabelle Kinghorn, Sophie Brunton, Namam Kadir, Nataya Svasti-Salee, Alexandra Bailey, Amy Westlake, Srushti Khedekar, Aishah Khan, Samira Hanchaoui, Carys Maclntyre and Amelia Kamalarajah have been chosen to have their written work published in a forthcoming book, ‘Welcome to Wonderland – Essex and Hertfordshire.’ It is the 26th year that ‘Young Writers’ (an organisation that promotes poetry and creative writing) have run their annual creative writing competition; this year they received in excess of 18,000 entries nationwide. From this figure they have been able to produce a collection of regional anthologies featuring young writers from around the UK.

The competition required entrees to write a mini-saga, a story written in just 100 words, inspired by a fictional world. Students’ work was selected based upon imagination, perception and creativity, as well as originality and use of language.
Here are some examples of the selected work for the book:

‘Carried into Colosso’ written by Amy Westlake 7F

Lashing down onto the ship, thick droplets of rain flooded the deck. Wind whipped the masts and thunder clashed in the sky. Anna was standing at the bow, gazing down into the stormy sea. Suddenly, her insides lurched, she was falling. Hitting an icy surface, she passed out… Waking up, she forced open her eyes. Something was lifting her high above the ground. Turning to her left she saw a giant, glassy eye staring back at her. The creature carried her into a vast forest. It put her down on the wooded floor, stood up and said, ‘Welcome to Colosso!

‘The Peacock Lady’ by Srushti Khedekar

I stared wide-eyed, at the peacock lady. Her glowing beauty radiated around the room, beguiling everyone’s gaze. Her poise was tall and elegant; her face of a delicate peach colour. Purple, blue and green feathers from her jewelled hat cavorted around in the sun, making shards of colour bounce off my face. Yet it was neither her hat nor her posture that attracted the most attention. It was her eyes. Her beautiful golden eyes were outlined by her refined cheekbones. Catching my eye, she beckoned me over and asked, ‘You want to know why you’ve been brought to Annora…?’

Srushti Khedekar, commented proudly on her achievement: “Being selected for the Young Writers Challenge was truly exciting and I’m very happy that my work is going to be published in a book. It was a fantastic experience!”

Creative writing is highly valued at STAGS and I am sure we can all agree that this is a wonderful accomplishment for the girls, particularly at such a young age. The work selected was based entirely on its own merits. Perhaps we have the next generation of J.K Rowlings in the midst!

Miss Goldup
English Teacher