Stepping Up: JClub, TEA & Pride+ Discuss How to Take Action in the Face of Genocide & Persecution





This year, the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day is “The Power of Words.” At STAGS, we undertook our own Holocaust Education Programme and reflected on how our words can make a difference.

Each house was assigned the task to create a board sharing their reflections on the Holocaust, based on one word. Seacole’s word was Displacement. We decided to choose this word because it gives such a deep insight into the atrocities that occurred, such as the physical displacement of people from their homes but also how we can learn from experience and displace negative emotions with positive ones.

Moreover, we discussed that unfortunately that many genocides have followed the Holocaust, and some are still happening today. One in particular is Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), where many Muslims are being ethnically cleansed simply due to their faith, which is very similar to the Holocaust. This week we lead a charity event called “Mehndi for Myanmar”, treating Henna designs in aid of all the people who have had their homes destroyed and have been forced to live in refugee camps. My main aim of this event is to raise awareness about the crisis that has been ongoing since August 2017 yet has had very little media coverage. All money raised will be going to Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and you can find out more about the charities involved at

The point of this programme was to make students aware of how powerful their words are and how we should never take them for granted. If we use them in the right way, we can stop history repeating itself and change the world, together.

Irsa Khan, 12.4