Students help look after our birds


students help birds

Eco Reps, nature enthusiasts and Geo Explorers joined forces to make bird feeders to put out around the Eco Garden to look after our birds during the winter. Here’s why two Year 7s became involved;

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“I helped make the bird feeders as it’s important to look after our environment like trees, plants and animals. The animals and birds in our environment help to spread seeds of fruits and plants. I wanted to make the feeders to help the birds to find food and see what birds I could help. It was fun because I like to create things to help others big or small!”

Safiya Shamsher, 7F


“To make the bird feeders we took seeds and tried to stick it all together and form a ball with some fat. We then put it into a plastic cup or yoghurt pot with a string at the bottom and put it away to set.

I think it is important that we look after the wildlife as it is part of our life. The animals belong to the Earth too and should be treated as well as us, so if they need any food in the winter we have to help them look after them-selves. I got involved because I wanted to help the birds survive and it was part of my Geography Club and looked really fun. I really enjoyed it and I hope to see the birds eating from it. We should really do more stuff like that as I think everyone would find it enjoyable.”

Laura Rochnia, 7F

students help birds 2