The Importance of Education & the Power of Propaganda

theimportanceofeducationThe Final Solution—A lesson to be learnt


Unfortunately mankind has not learnt from the mistakes of time and previous Mass Murders, Genocides and Ethnic Cleansing.
The persecution and Genocide of people by race, religion and any other grouping has happened through the centuries.



Killed 11 Million civilians in the concentration camps 90% being Jewish.



Killed 20 Million Russian civilians in the Gulags and by Mass Murder.




Killed 3 Million civilians.




By Imogen Brooks, 8H


During Holocaust Education Week we have taken part in various activities during lessons and form time. Every house had a word based theme and Franklin’s was reflection. We focused on firstly defining the word and then we came up with synonyms for reflection , such as reformation, pondering. We came to the conclusion that we all want to pre-vent anything like this from ever occurring again, so we discussed whether we thought anything like the Holocaust could happen in our own country. Sadly many people thought this was possible as history often repeats itself. We came up with a resolution to ensure that we would not be a bystander, instead we will all be up-standers!
We have also focused on aspects of the Holocaust in Geography, History and Maths. We looked at: propaganda in school textbooks in Maths, maps of concentration camps in Geography and we the historical context for the Holocaust in History. This gave us a well rounded perspective of the Holocaust.

From Katie Jewell and Farhat Lilani, 9F


Words are more powerful than violence will ever be because people believe what you say. Words should be used to bring people together not separate people for their beliefs and actions. Use words for someone, not against someone.”

Olivia Roth, 9H

“It is important that we understand the meaning of the Holocaust, so that we learn to listen to the past to fix the future before it is broken”

Camila Castro de Faria, 9H

“I think that the power of words is really important for our society. We all use words to communicate. Some people use words to make somebody feel better, to bring light to somebody’s day, but others use them to spread rumours, make other people feel bad, put pressure on people.”

Veronika Ivanova, 9H


Year 9 had starter tasks focused on various aspects of the Holocaust illustrating a snapshot of the Nazi regime. Teyah reflected out how this felt to witness…….
I have felt saddened and shocked at some of the stories and facts. The ‘power of words’ had a big impact and can change people’s way of life and attitude. Sometimes it is more effective than physically doing something. Therefore words you should be grateful and use for a positive reason. When words are negatively influential that is the time to stay strong and be true to yourself”

Teyah Goldie, 9S