Under 13 Netball Tournament



On Monday 13 March the Year 7 netball team took part in a district netball tournament at Sir John Lawes School.

First, the A team played Sir John Lawes and we won with a great score of 4-1 to us. Then we went on to play Sandringham where we narrowly won. After that we played St Georges where we lost 2-1. Then we played Marlborough where we won. We did really well and got through to the semi finals! It was a close game against Beaumont as both teams desperately wanted to win but sadly STAGS lost. A big thank you to Mrs Pennock and Miss Savage for coaching us and helping us get to this years semi-final.

By Ella Milne


The B’s played three games. They had a fantastic win against Sandringham winning 5-2 and then had two close matches against Beaumont and St Georges and despite their hard work and good game play only just lost these matches.

However they showed great sportsmanship both on and off court supporting and encouraging each other and the other STAGS team. All the girls enjoyed their afternoon.

By Tara Doran