Women’s England Rugby Players Inspire Next Generation of Sporting Stars at STAGS


STAGS were delighted to welcome two members of the Women’s England Under 20s Rugby team at lunchtime on Wednesday 5 April.

Zoe Harrison and Emma Uren came to deliver an enlightening talk to students from Year 9 and 10 about their passion for the game of rugby and their love of sport in general. Emma Uren plays as a Winger for England and is currently studying for a degree in strength and conditioning at St Mary’s in Twickenham. Zoe plays Fly Half and studies the subject of Sports Rehabilitation at Middlesex.

The students enjoyed a lively Q&A session and all agreed that the talk was very interesting, informative and above all it was really inspiring.
Many thanks to Miss Potter, Director of Learning Year 11 for arranging such a fantastic visit.

STAGS community wish the Women’s England Rugby players every success in their future sporting careers.