Year 12 Students Achieve Valuable National Leadership Skills Qualification


Congratulations to all those Year 12 and 13 students who have recently completed the National Level 2/3 Leadership Skills qualification. The syllabus focuses on developing valuable leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport.

This year STAGS Year 12 students have worked in partnership with local primary school students in Year 4 at Garden Fields School. They have carefully devised and delivered a programme of activities which encouraged progression in various motor skills, including supervising rounders and choreographing dance events.
As part of the qualification on Thursday 6 April Year 12 students organised a very successful Bench Ball Tournament for STAGS Year 7 students at lunch time. This filled the Sports Hall with huge amounts of competitive spirit, fun and excitement and was clearly enjoyed by all who took part.

Sports Leadership teacher Mrs Fox said, “This qualification not only develops leadership skills but it also helps Sixth form students to build up their own personal level of self confidence.” She went on to say, “This is an extremely useful qualification for the final year students to have on their UCAS form.”

Teacher’s Mrs Fox and Mrs Pennock are currently looking forward to planning next years programme. The Year 12 students starting in September 2017 will be given the opportunity to sign up taster sessions. The leadership course is extra curricular, and you do not have to be sporty to do the course. The programme is open to all and our experience has proved that some of the best sports leaders are not necessarily good at sport!