Year 9 Student Gemma Hanson Increases Medal Haul in Swimming Success


Congratulations to Year 9 student Gemma Hanson who continues to go from strength to strength in her swimming career.
Mr Hanson (her father gives us this report):

“Gemma competed in a regional qualifier meet at Hatfield University on Saturday 1 April in 6 events. She won all of her events and achieved another 4 regional times! (She now has 8 in total). She also competed in a further 5 senior finals (14 and over) and one the 50 freestyle and came second in 3 others, gaining a total of 10 medals 7 Gold and 3 Silver.

This Saturday 8 April, Gemma will be competing in the National Club Arena league finals in Cardiff which will be live streamed via a computer link. After this Gemma will then be competing in a Level 1 meet in Luton the week after to try and obtain national times”

Congratulations Gemma, we are proud of your achievements and your dedicated commitment to your sport. We wish you well for your future swimming competitions and look forward to receiving an update on your progress.