Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

As part of the school’s extra-curricular activities, STAGs makes it possible for students to take the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.


The areas of Skill, Physical Recreation, Volunteering and the Expedition ensure that participants in the scheme gain a wide range of new skills including team work and organisation and enhance their confidence whilst taking greater responsibility for themselves and others. The completion of awards gives participants a sense of achievement in a non-competitive context.

“The DofE can be considered a fundamental part of the ‘Make a Human Being’ kit”                                            - Sir Terry Pratchett OBE, Author


doe2The scheme operates at three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The information below indicates the commitment needed for each stage:

Bronze: 3 months for two of the three sections (Volunteering, Skill and Physical Recreation), 6 months for one section. Expedition training, a practice expedition and a 2 day final expedition with overnight camp.

Silver: 6 months for Volunteering and two further sections (Skill and Physical Recreation) one of which is 3 months and other 6 months. Training and a practice expedition for a three day, two night final expedition. Pupils who start Silver without completing Bronze must complete an extra six months in one of the six month sections.

Gold: As for Silver but with the times for each section doubled. The expedition is a 4 day venture and in addition a residential 5 day course away from home must be completed.

For further details about the Duke of Edinburgh Award at STAGS please contact Miss Rose (Bronze) or Miss Hulme (Silver, Gold and the expedition to Borneo). Alternatively, come to our DofE Surgery held every Tueday lunchtime for all DofE and eDofE queries, consultations and support.


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