Pastoral Guidance

Student Wellbeing & Personal Development

At STAGS we have a real commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the development of the whole child. We measure success not only in terms of academic attainment, but in developing our students into caring, responsible, socially aware young citizens.

To facilitate this growth and development we have a team of professionals who lead in pastoral care. Students will receive guided support from transition into secondary school (including a full transition programme focusing on social and emotional skills and an exciting team building trip away) then on through the transitional stages of school life.

Our anti bullying programme, self esteem groups, social awareness groups and restorative work mean students are open to sharing the issues facing young people today and are skilled in working them through. Citizenship Awards are presented each term.

We also encourage strong student leadership in our young people, with student prefects, peer mentoring, a sixth form counselling service and a commitment to our Student Voice. These provide opportunities to share in leading the school forward, including consultation groups, school surveys, working parties and individual contribution.

We promote achievement of all students in its widest forms in a totally positive way, from the classroom to the sports field and helping out around the school to Drama productions. It is also a way of developing vertical integration in the school to complement the horizontal integration that the year system provides.

Pastoral Structure at STAGS

Each year team at Key Stages 3 & 4 will be led by a Director of Learning, supported by an Assistant Head for each Key Stage and each Key Stage will be supported by an Assistant.