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Core REP


Religion, Ethics and Philosophy (REP) promotes community cohesion by helping students to learn to understand others and value diversity whilst also promoting shared values and an awareness of human rights. REP provides students with opportunities to further their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, enabling them to grow as individuals with a sense of identity as well as belonging, in order to contribute positively and effectively to society.

The Department

Curriculum Leader: Mrs Bradbury


What will be studied?

In Key Stage 3, students will study all six major world religions. They will be taught once a week and religions will be focused on for a term; allowing students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of each religion. Thematic studies is a new section to Key Stage 3 in which students are given either a Philosophical or Ethical question and students learn different opinions and interpretations that contribute to answers.

Year 7

  • Hinduism: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Hinduism.
  • Sikhism: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Sikhism.
  • Christianity: Students will be looking at the Christian teachings on equality and the treatment of women throughout the Bible.
  • Thematic Studies: Students will be looking at human rights and the ethical issue of equality. Students will be completing a summer human rights project on ‘Equality’ and will be asked to pick a form of inequality and use the religions to compare and contrast.

Year 8

  • Islam: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Islam.
  • Christianity: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity.
  • Thematic studies: Students will be looking at Religion and the 21st Century. Students will be researching problems within society and how they compare and contrast to problems in religion. Students will look at whether religion and society can work together.

Year 9

  • Buddhism: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Buddhism.
  • Judaism: Students will be studying the beliefs, teachings and practices of Judaism.
  • Christianity: Students will learn about Holy Week and the importance of suffering in Christianity.
  • Thematic studies: ‘If evil and suffering exists, does God exist?’ Students will study the Problem of Evil and begin to question the nature of God. Students will compare all religions learnt and their understanding of suffering and relate them to modern day examples of Moral and Natural Evil.

What support is needed?

  • Students will really benefit by taking part in discussions at home about what they have learnt as well as what they and their family think about topics.
  • Reading newspapers, magazines and watching relevant TV programmes

How will students be assessed?

  • Tests at the end of each module
  • Through Unit Assessment projects
  • End of year examination

Years 10 & 11 

What will be studied?

In Year 10 and 11 Students are required to attend REP core lessons, they are part of a carousel system with PSHCE. In KS4 students will learn the following topics;

  • What is Ethics?
  • Should we look after the environment?
  • Are the LGBTQ+ community treated equally?
  • What is the difference between crime and sin?
  • What is life?
  • Are human rights supported?

Post 16 

What will be studied?

Students will focus on the concept of good and evil, discussing the issues surrounding moral and natural evil as well as the problems of war.

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