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St Albans Girls' School

Further Maths

A Level

Exam Board: Edexcel

Specification Number: 8FM0 (AS) and 9FM0 (A Level)

Course Content:

Further Mathematics will introduce students to new number systems such as complex numbers. Algebra features heavily and students will develop their understanding of new core ideas of Mathematics. There are also further applied modules which can include Mechanics and Decision Maths. The most able Year 13 students can be given the opportunity to tailor their further Mathematics qualification into the areas that are most relevant for their further study.

The AS course currently consists of three modules and two externally-examined papers. 

Paper 1 contains Core Pure Mathematics, the compulsory module. Paper 2 contains Further Mechanics 1 and Decision Mathematics 1, which are part of the Further Mathematics Options.

The A2 course revisits the AS content, extending these three modules. 


  • All units assessed by final examination
  • There is no coursework component

Why Further Mathematics at St Albans Girls’ School?:

We have experienced further maths teachers who are able to help with all aspects of the course.

We are able to offer support for STEP and MAT and general preparation for Mathematics at university.

Expectations of students:

The students are expected to spend at least four hours per week in private study.

Home learning tasks normally will be set each week.  They will be expected to take a great deal of responsibility for their own learning and to ask questions and participate in class discussions.

Career paths:

Further Mathematics is most desirable if you intend to study Mathematics, Engineering or Physics at University.

Extra-curricular activities

Maths club is available to all sixth form students to work through classwork, new ideas, homework or preparation work. There are always at least 2 experience A level maths teachers on hand to help students.

There is additional STEP preparation support. Students are encouraged to try problems and research the most recent mathematical developments. There are a variety of lectures and workshops run by the Further Maths Support Programme across Hertfordshire. These include opportunities to prepare for STEP exams. Students are given the opportunity to enter the UKMT senior individual challenge as well as the team challenge.

How is the course assessed?

Further Maths A Level exams follow the format of three equally weighted 2 hour exams. The first two will contain the pure maths content and the final one the applied content in two separate sections. The AS exams follow the same format, except the papers are one and a half hours each.

What texts are recommended?

We have the Edexcel recommended textbook in school. All students have a password for that can be used to access an online version of the book.

What websites are recommended?

There are a variety of websites used by the maths department. The most recommended include is a graphing website that allows students to explore the shapes of graphs. has a range of videos to explain new topics as well as revised previous ones. has a wide library of exam questions sorted by difficulty, topic and old exam papers

What equipment is needed?

A calculator (we strongly recommend is the Casio Fx991 classwizz, which can be purchased from the school), protractor, a pair of compasses, ruler, pen and pencil​.

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