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Healthy Minds Education

To aid our students in developing the personal skills required to be successful adults in the 21st Century, we have worked with How to Thrive to develop the PSHCE curriculum as part of the Healthy Minds in Schools Research project. 

The programme is for students in Years 7-10 and includes: 

Year 7 – Managing the World Around me

The programme begins by helping students to develop the skills required to be able to make decisions for themselves and to learn about coping with setbacks. 

Year 8 – Moving Toward My Future

In Year 8 students learn about how to plan for their futures and begin to consider what type of person they would like to be as an adult. 

Year 9 – Taking Control of the Decisions I Make

In Year 9 students learn how to apply their learning from Year 7 and 8 to developing positive relationships and consider the risks associated with unhealthy relationships.

Year 10 – The Beginning of Adulthood

In Year 10 students have the chance to develop their understanding of the world by allowing them to have a mature debate about issues such as mental health, personal values, personal relationships , making an informed choice and also alcohol and substance use.  

For the full details of the Healthy Minds in Schools Programme please use this link.

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