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In line with national guidance, our register of high ability students comprises those students with the highest target levels/grades in each subject and year group, plus those students nominated by staff who, in their professional opinion, have a particularly outstanding flair in an area. At St Albans Girls' School these students are known as More Able Students (MAST).

The MAST register helps us to ensure that students receive appropriate learning opportunities which help allow them to fulfil their potential and excel in their specialist areas. This will take place predominantly in the everyday classroom and learning environment. There may also be additional courses available offered by other organisations and the school will inform parents of these via STAGSlink and parentmail whilst also displaying information on the MAST notice board in school. The MAST register will also be used to highlight when students are at risk of underachieving so that intervention can be made.

As all students develop and progress at different rates, the register will be regularly reviewed and during this process, students may be moved on or off the register to ensure that it continues to reflect the top achievers of the school population.  Currently the criteria to be a MAST student requires a student in Year 7-11 to have a mean CAT score over 119 and for students in Year 12 or 13 to have an ALPS A Level Target of at least AAA.  In addition to this criteria some subjects will also nominate students to be on the MAST register for their subject due the students natural talent or flair for that subject area. 

The school’s MAST policy can be found on the polices page. This gives more detail about how we define MAST and how students are identified and supported.

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