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Remote Learning

Our Remote Learning Overview document attached below is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents/carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home. 

View: Remote Learning Overview


Remote Learning

In the instance of learning being accessed from home, teachers distribute learning through Edulink One and Google Classroom. Students are given a timeframe and instructions on how to submit work undertaken by their teacher - some work will be submitted online and some reviewed upon return to school. A Google 'tech toolkit' document with links to videos on all of the Google Education programmes we use to enhance remote and classroom learning is included the Safety Around School documents.

Further specific details on remote provision are distributed as and when required.

Remote learning links are listed below with an explanation of how they can be used to support and enhance learning that will be distributed through Edulink One and Google Classroom:

Edulink One is the primary source of Home Learning contact between teachers, students, parents and carers. Any learning to be undertaken will be distributed through this system which may include links to other online learning formats.

Google Classroom is a platform that allows teachers to upload lesson resources, share articles and set tasks. Google Classroom areas are subject and class specific. All applicable materials that support learners at STAGS are shared via this platform.

GCSEPod is an online revision website that has thousands of ‘pods’ that students can watch, listen to and test themselves on all GCSE subjects studied. Students in all year groups can access the content and students who have not been onto the system should click on ‘New Here? Get Started’ on the menu screen.

The Oak Academy website has a range of links, lessons and learning ideas for a range of subjects and is frequently updated. This is the recommended starting point for remote provision from the Department of Education and offers over 10,000 lessons made by teachers for use up to Year 11.

JSTOR is a resource library which is largely used at KS5 but can be accessed to extend learning across KS4 and KS3 too. The site consists of scholarly content that students can access for further wider reading around their areas of study for all subjects.

BBC Bitesize is an online revision, information and examination preparation resource website made by the BBC. There are KS3, GCSE and Post 16 sections available on the website as well as other pertinent information and content (including Careers).

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