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Tenner Challenge

In the Spring Term, Year 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge. 

The challenge gives each team of students the chance to run a mini business at school over four weeks.

Using their Tenner Pledges from Young Enterprise:

  • Students will research and decide on a product or service that they’ll invest their tenners in;
  • Students will need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events;
  • Students will actively promote and sell their products;
  • In the final week students will reflect on their successes and learn from the challenges they have faced. 

At the end of the challenge each team returns their initial investment to Young Enterprise plus a £1 legacy donation for each £10 pledge.  All profits made are then donated to the House Charity the students represent. 

During the challenge they also have the chance to take part in four weekly competitions:

  • Logo Design;
  • Sales Pitch;
  • Marketing;
  • Pop-Up Shop. 

For more information about the Year 7 Tenner Challenge please contact Miss Ellen McHugh, Assistant Head Teacher. 

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