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Blended Learning

All students have a device either purchased as part of our device scheme partnership with Freedom Tech or brought in as part of our Bring Your Own Device programme.
All students use devices in lessons to access Google Classroom and other named online resources as directed by classroom teachers, undertake live research and collaborate with peers as well as generate learning resources and retrieval materials. 

The learning possibilities for Blended Learning are infinite! This continues to be a very exciting opportunity to prepare students for vocations where they will integrate online systems, encourage independent learning and responsibility - both in terms of learning and device upkeep - and offer adapted and deep learning experiences across all areas.

Blended Learning is our exciting programme where students use their own devices in lessons for all subjects; Home Learning to support students' progression and deepen thinking is set for all subjects as per the schedules in the Home Learning section of the website. 

SAM Learning 

Here at STAGS, we are always looking for ways to extend learning. Part of our improvement programme involves the use of SAM Learning, multiple award winning online learning covering almost all our subjects. Studies show that pupils achieve two GCSE grades on average better than expected with as little as 30 minutes a week use of SAM Learning. 

Your child can access SAM Learning anytime or anywhere. Whether you are at school, at home, on the bus, waiting for friends and it works on any device, from smartphone, tablet and PC. 

Work is set for your child each week in English Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics….building their foundations if they are in KS3 or focusing on areas where students drop essential marks in exams at GCSE! What’s more, SAM learning will guide them to fill their learning gaps automatically, guide them to extend their knowledge when they have secure knowledge and guide revision based on what they have been learning over the academic year. 

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