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Child Exploitation

'I just didn't realise that some of the things my friends were getting involved with were so dangerous until I watched the play at school.'

Year 9 Student

What is CCE and CSE?

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) Children who are trafficked, exploited or coerced into committing crimes are victims in need of safeguarding and support. Though perceptions are altering these young people are still often criminalised and perceived as having 'made a choice' to take part in illegal activity. More information on CCE and how to support young people can be viewed here 

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Exploitative relationships are built on the child or young person's social, economic or emotional vulnerability. Children and young people cannot consent to their own abuse: so a child or young person at risk of CSE is a child or young person at risk of significant harm and they must be safeguarded. Children aged 12-15 years of age are most at risk of child sexual exploitation although victims as young as 8 have been identified, particularly in relation to online concerns.

Signs of sexual abuse and grooming

  • Unhealthy or inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • Being frightened of some people, places or situations
  • Bring secretive
  • Sharp changes in mood or character
  • Having money or things they can't or won't explain
  • Physical signs of abuse, like bruises or bleeding in their genital or anal area

Further information can be found on the NSPCC website and charity website PACE (Parents Against Child Exploitation).

What do we do at STAGS to inform and protect children against CSE?

Raising awareness in PSHE and Form time/ assemblies

Chelsea's Choice (Year 9)

Chelsea’s Choice is a play about a girl called Chelsea and how she became a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Delivered by Alter Ego Creative Solutions the play aims to raise awareness around the following issues:

  • Healthy Relationships;
  • Promoting Safe Internet Use;
  • Identifying Risky Situations;
  • The Grooming Process & the differing forms that it can take;
  • Child Sexual Exploitation & the differing forms that it can take;
  • Sign-posting relevant services.

Based on a true story, the play references the boyfriend model of grooming (although it does cover other forms of grooming) and has four actors who take on all the roles. The performance lasts for 40 minutes and the post-show talk (where the actors debrief on the learnings) lasts for 30 minutes


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