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St Albans Girls' School

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Curriculum Intent and Overview

The curriculum covers a wide range of opportunities which run alongside a rich extra-curricular timetable. This includes both creative and STEM elements. Students are extremely proud of their achievements, and they really value the supportive nature and encouragement the department gives them. The curriculum develops and promotes:

  • A love for creativity and design.
  • Critical and lateral thinking, and problem solving.
  • Independent learning, and transferable skills.



Curriculum Leader: Miss H Bowman


Exam Board : AQA

Specification Number: 8585

What will be studied?

This is a new and exciting opportunity to study food.  Students will learn practical skills to make creative and delicious products that are good for the planet too.  In addition to skills, students will study the fascinating science behind their cooking, explore practical solutions to develop healthy and nutritious meals and learn about where food comes from and its environmental impact.

Learning Methods

Students will experience a range of learning opportunities:

  • Focused practical sessions to develop new technical skills
  • Investigating how different ingredients can enhance and improve products
  • Food tasting to sharpen our visual, tasting and sensory skills
  • Experimenting independently and in teams
  • Developing new recipes and menus to solve health and lifestyle challenge

How is the course assessed?

There are two non-examined assessment tasks worth 50% of the GCSE.  A food investigation task (20%) and an exciting practical task (30%) where students will prepare, cook and present their own creative menu of 3 products.

There is a written exam which includes a series of multiple choice questions and 5 longer questions.  It is worth 50% of the GCSE.

What websites are recommended?

BBC Bitesize

AQA for past papers

What equipment is needed?

An apron, relevant project ingredients specified by teacher when applicable.

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Sandridgebury Lane

St Albans



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