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Key Stage 3 Formal Assessments

Key Stage 3 Assessments will take place towards the end of the academic year.

Student Instructions and Reminders

  • Make sure you arrive at school on time and go straight to your exam room. You will have all your exams in this room. You will be sat in alphabetical order.  Registration and  P5 will be as normal.
  • Year 9 only - Friday: Make sure you arrive at school on time and go to the Sports Hall. Assembly and p5 as normal.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment needed for your exams that day e.g. calculator.
  • There will be a short period of time for revision before the exam starts (except in the Sports hall -Year 9 only)
  • All exams will be conducted under strict exam conditions;
  1. Silence
  2. Nothing out on desks except equipment needed for exam (no reading books)
  3. No pencil cases except clear ones
  4. No notes or anything concealed in blazer or writing on hands
  5. No going into school bag during exam
  6. No communication of any sort with anyone
  7. Raise your hand and wait if you need to speak to a teacher
  8. If you finish early, check over exam and then sit/ or put their head on the desk, in silence.

Any infringement and it will be noted on the paper (0 mark given). Your Director of Learning and your parents will be informed and consequences will be issued.

  • If you are entitled to 25% extra time then the exam invigilator will know and you will be instructed to change the colour of your pen at the end of normal time and continue in another colour. If you have other exam access arrangements (e.g. separate room) you will go to LS1 for exams – if this is the case you will be told about it this week.
  • If you do not study a subject (e.g. French) you will need to bring a reading book to read during this exam. The invigilator will know this.
  • If you feel there are any issues with the exams, see your Director of Learning as soon as possible. 

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