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If your child has a serious medical condition we aim to ensure they are fully supported throughout their time at STAGS. Our students are supported by our Student Healthcare Officer and our Reception team who are First Aid trained.

Students and families can also access Herts Community Trust Public Health Nursing Services on
0300 123 7572, or via students texting service Chat Health 07480 635050 (students texting service) or Instagram @teenhealth.hct (students) Hct_schoolnursing (parents).

If your child has a serious medical condition we need an Individual Healthcare Plan (see forms attached below) outlining their condition, needs, main contacts and emergency procedures. This can be completed by you and your child with the help of any medical professionals involved in your child’s care. You may already have an Individual Healthcare Plan from your child's healthcare professional in which case  please just provide an up to date copy for us. 

If your child needs to take prescribed medication in school please complete a student medication permission form (form attached below) outlining the details of when and how the medication is to be taken. Prescription medicines MUST be in the original container, with the pharmacist's label clearly stating the student's name and dosage.

Non-prescription medication may also be administered in school in certain circumstances. Please contact our Student Healthcare Officer to discuss. Paracetamol is held in school for the relief of pain where parental consent has been given and recorded for students. 

Emergency medication such as inhalers and epipens should be carried by students, but ALL other medicines must be kept in the medical room and will be administered by a first-aider. A fridge is also available for temperature-sensitive medication. We ask for emergency consent for students who carry a reliever inhaler or EpiPen so that we can use a spare in the event that the student's device is missing or not working. This forms part of the Individual Healthcare Plan for asthma or allergy.

Students MUST NOT carry any medication on their person whilst in school, as this poses a risk to themselves and other students.

Paper copies of forms mentioned above can also be collected from Main Reception.


In line with advice from Allergy UK, St Albans Girls’ School is not a nut, or any other product free school. Students are permitted to bring their own food onto site and as such we cannot guarantee its content. 

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(To request a paper copy, please contact our Administration Department)

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