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Parents' Evening

'It was invaluable to be able to talk to my daughter's teachers face to face and great to hear she's doing so well in so many areas. We were also able to find out what she needed to do to improve in some of her key subjects areas, identify the support she could access at school and what we could do at home to help.'                   

 Year 10 Parent

Whilst reports enable you to see how your son/daughter is performing, the chance to discuss what he/she is doing in class and how they can improve is very important to you as parents and us as teachers. Parents' evenings offer that invaluable time to speak to your son/daughter's individual subject teachers and get a specific picture of how they are progressing. 

There is a Parents' Evening for each Year Group at a point throughout the school year and these are published in advance on the school calendar. A letter will be sent informing parents/carers that the event is approaching and that appointments can be made on EDULINK. For Year 7 - 11 the evening runs from 4pm - 7.30pm  and appointments are 5 minutes long. For Years 12-13 the evening runs from 4.30pm - 7pm and appointments are 10 minutes long. We advise that you leave a 5 minute gap between appointments to allow for movement between teachers/areas. Due to high number of teachers who teach your daughter and the number of classes a teacher teaches in that year group, it may not be possible to have an appointment with all your son/daughter's teachers. If there is a teacher you wish to see but can't, please do not hesitate to contact them for a telephone consultation. 

Teachers will be seated in the Main Hall, Restaurant and Library. A map of where each teacher is situated will be given to parents/carers on arrival. Senior staff, Directors of Learning, pastoral and SEN/D staff will also be available on the evening should you wish to speak to them. 

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