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St Albans Girls' School

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)


The Department

Curriculum Leader: Miss E McHugh

What will be studied:

The themes covered in our PSHCE programme of study are,

  • Identity: Their personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these.
  • Relationships: including different types of relationships and in different settings. And the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • A Healthy and balanced lifestyle: Physically, emotionally and socially. Also including work- life balance, exercise and rest, spending and saving and diet.
  • Risk: Identification, assessment and how to manage risk and Safety including strategies to avoid risky behaviour.
  • Diversity and Equality.
  • Rights and responsibilities. Including Consent.
  • Change and resilience: strategies and inner resources to cope in challenging circumstances.
  • Power: Balance and imbalance of power including bullying, persuasion, negotiating and “win/win” outcomes.
  • Career: including enterprise, employability and economic understanding

What will be studied?

In PSHCE, the students will be developing valuable life skills. They will be learning about keeping safe, reducing risk and developing employability skills for use in the real world. Students are also given the time to develop opinions and be given a platform to discuss and present ideas in a learning environment.

Students will study the Penn Resilience Programme and .Breathe as well as a PSHCE02comprehensive Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) programme.  The details of the RSHE programme can be found here.

In Years 7 and 8 they also learn how to navigate the world of media including social media and they learn about how their present behaviour links to their future selves in family life and in the world of work, themes such as equality and diversity including gender, sexuality race and culture issues are taken into consideration in planning and delivery of all lessons.

In Key Stage 4, these themes continue we also incorporate a public speaking programme to encourage links with the community and a global issue project. In KS4, the emphasis on themes such as mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence and stress are also included.

What support is needed?

Teaching PSHCE cannot happen in isolation and it is essential to have the co-operation and support of the Parents and Carers of the students. We ask students to share with you what they have been learning in class and often homework tasks will be quizzes or task that involve discussion.

As a school, we are committed to providing a community learning environment and offer parent information evenings at regular intervals which take the format of lectures by visiting specialists or curriculum evenings led by our own SLT and staff.

How will students be assessed?

  • Through Unit Assessment projects

Years 10 and 11

What will be studied?

Over the 2 years students study all the subjects listed above, with topics such as,

  • Year 10 Economic education – budgeting, bank accounts, finance relating to student life
  • Year 10 Health Education – Mental Health, Relationships and Sexual Health including  pregnancy and parenthood. Drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Year 11 Health -Sexual Health, unplanned pregnancy, drug and alcohol misuse. Stress and anxiety relating to exams.
  • Year 11 – Careers Education, Employability, Planning for the future, University Courses, Apprenticeships, CV Writing and Interview Skills.

Learning Methods

The lessons will follow the familiar format that you are used to, with very little written homework, but requiring reflection and research for lesson preparation, on some occasions.

How is the course assessed?

There is time for reflection at the end of each block of work and self and peer assessment take place throughout the course.

What websites are recommended?

Information on the subjects we teach can be found on websites such as

What equipment is needed?

All equipment for lessons will be provided, students will only need their pencil case for lessons.

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