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Pupil Premium Grant Statement

The Pupil Premium Grant - Supporting Disadvantaged Students

Our work with the Pupil Premium Grant at St Albans Girls’ School has once again been highly successful. Teaching staff and support staff have collaborated very effectively to produce some exceptional outcomes for disadvantaged students, as well as providing them with a high quality, enjoyable and inclusive educational experience.

At classroom level, all teachers appreciate the importance of this work and personalise their teaching, accordingly, ensuring that every child receives the support that they need. They know the disadvantaged students in their classes very well and work seamlessly to ensure that this group of students are given the same opportunities and experiences that their peers enjoy. Support staff in all areas of the school also work tirelessly to ensure that the whole school experience is designed to meet individual needs.

The excellent outcomes are the product of a culture in the school that ensures every child is valued and encouraged to achieve exceptional standards. Our whole schoolwork on disadvantaged students has been celebrated as a model of outstanding practice both at county and at national level.

The outcomes summarised below are the product of a focused team working with a shared moral imperative. We remain absolutely committed to ensuring that every student, irrespective of their background, will achieve highly and thoroughly enjoy their time spent with us.

Our Pupil Premium students continue to thrive and have once again outperformed their counterparts nationally.

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