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STEAM in Maths

Maths provides a variety of opportunities for students to extend their love of learning outside the  classroom. 

UK Maths Challenge              

Each year students are invited to take part in the UK Maths Challenge. 

The Junior Maths Challenge is for students in Years 7 and 8.  Approximately 60 students in each year group take part.

The Intermediate Maths Challenge is open to students in Years 9-11.  Usually over 30 students in each year group choose to take part in the challenge. 

The Senior Maths Challenge is open to students in Years 12 and 13 and is an opportunity to work on problems at the highest level.

All of these challenges can also lead to progress in national competitions. Further information about the challenges can be found here.

Team Maths Challenges

During the year there are opportunities for students in years 7 and 8 to enter team Maths Challenges within Hertfordshire. These challenges are an opportunity to solve mathematical problems and puzzles in a collaborative way.

After School Maths Club: Maths for Fun!

The Maths department also invites students from all year groups to join them after school each week for Maths Club.  This provides a chance for students to complete various mathematical problems for fun and to further extend their love of the subject. 

Puzzle of the Week

Each week students, teachers and families are invited to take part in the Puzzle of the Week competition. This is an international competition and entries count towards the school's place in the league table. Only school-level Maths is required to solve each puzzle and there is a wide range of difficulty and challenge. Register and Enter at and look out for the puzzles around school, on the Key Stage bulletins and in STAGSLink.

For more information about STEAM in Maths students should contact their Maths Teacher.

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